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How to properly decorate an apartment for short-term rental in Dubai: recommendations for the interior design and equipment

05/05/2024 43
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Dubai attracts a large number of tourists and business travelers who need somewhere to live during their stay in the country. They do not need housing for a long time, so they take out real estate for short-term rent. Those interested can choose the home they need, located in different places, based on their budget. Short term rental properties in Dubai are subject to regulation. The rules ensure that facilities comply with health and safety requirements. They create additional complexity for owners, but provide a safe and comfortable stay for guests.

Market analysis

The short-term rental market in Dubai includes several large groups:

  • Landlords are owners of real estate (citizens or organizations).

  • Companies licensed to provide short-term rentals.

The rental market is developing rapidly. Its peculiarity is the absence of taxes for individuals when renting out real estate. The highest rents for villas and apartments in the Palm Jumeirah area. In addition to it, such areas as Dubai Marina, Downtown, and Business Bay are popular. The market growth is expected to be 10-15% per year in the near future.

The most popular projects in Freehod zones, in which the buyer of real estate acquires full rights to it with the possibility of resale or rental, are:


  • Palm Jumeirah

  • Dubai Hills Estate

  • Arabian Ranches 

  • The Springs

  • Green Community


  • Business Bay

  • Palm Jumeirah

  • Downtown

  • Dubai Marina

  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Suitable options can be found in other areas:

  • Emaar Beachfront

  • Sobha Hartland

  • JBR

  • Sports City 

A significant increase in rents has been observed in areas where new residential properties have recently appeared, such as: SobhaHartland, Meydan, Al Furjan, and other areas. 

The search for real estate is carried out through local sites such as Bayut, Property Finder, Dubizzle or on the worldwide popular online sites Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and others. Growing demand has meant that landlords have the advantage of being able to select tenants that match their property offering. This competition leads to higher rental rates, resulting in greater profits. To achieve the planned profitability, each landlord must strive to distinguish his property compared to competitors.

Design Guidelines

A property with a cozy design can be rented out at a more attractive price for owners compared to one that has not been given due attention to this issue. Guests leave positive reviews for such accommodation – this helps attract future clients. 

When shaping the appearance of the room, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Interior styling in accordance with local preferences and tenant requirements

  2. Using light colors and modern design elements to create a pleasant atmosphere, but using bright accents to make the apartment stand out in photographs

  3. Maximizing the use of space and guest amenities.

It is best to get rid of things that weigh down the atmosphere, for example, heavy dark furniture, poor lighting, and an excess of accents. White or light-colored walls can make a space appear larger and achieve a simple aesthetic. Sheer or white curtains allow more light to pass through and create the illusion of an expanded area, but care must also be taken to have curtains that block out light to ensure guests are comfortable at night. 

What interior design style is in demand in the UAE?

Several interior design styles are popular in the United Arab Emirates, reflecting both modern global trends and traditional elements of regional culture: 

Contemporary Style: This is one of the most popular styles in the UAE, emphasizing clean lines, minimalism and functionality. Interiors in this style often incorporate modern materials such as glass, metal and polished concrete.

Arabic Style: Traditional Arabic design emphasizes luxury, exquisite patterns and rich textures. Warm colors, curved furniture shapes and decorative elements such as wood carvings and mosaics are often used.

Eclectic Style: This style combines elements from different design movements to create unique and personalized spaces. In the UAE, it is especially popular among those who wish to integrate elements of Western and Eastern cultures.


Art Deco Style: The UAE has seen a resurgence of interest in the Art Deco style, which is characterized by geometric shapes, bold use of color and exotic materials. This style emphasizes luxury and elegance.

Minimalism: In the UAE the popularity of minimalist interiors is growing! This style that focuses on space and light, with a minimum amount of furniture and decor is preferred by those who value simplicity and order.


These styles can be seen in residential developments, hotels and commercial spaces throughout the region, each offering their own unique interpretation of modern and traditional influences.

Apartment equipment

Short-term rentals will require investment in furnishings in accordance with DTCM standards. The costs incurred by the owner will be able to pay off in the future, bringing higher profitability. It is recommended to pay attention to:

  1. Equipping the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

  2. Providing modern home appliances and amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TVs, etc.

  3. Availability of bed linen, towels and other things necessary for arriving guests.

The kitchen must have kitchen furniture in which all utensils are stored for storage, and there must also be a kitchen table and chairs. The table can be rectangular, round, square. The kitchen must have a refrigerator, microwave oven and stove. An additional advantage will be the presence in this room of a dishwasher, blender or mixer, toaster, bread maker, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. 

Also in the kitchen there should be a set of utensils, including knives, forks, cutting boards; pots and pans, Turks, jugs, corkscrews and can openers, and various types of shelves. They contain: a bucket or trash basket, a broom or brush, detergents, paper towels, sponges and napkins.

Everything in the bedroom should contribute to quality and comfortable sleep. The room is equipped with a bed with a mattress, pillows, blankets and other bedding; blankets or bedspreads, as well as furniture: bedside tables with lamps, wardrobes or chests of drawers, or a wardrobe. There must be a power source near the bed to charge devices. If the bed is double, then it is advisable to have one source on both sides.

The bathroom must have a shower corner/cabin or bathtub, bath towels (at least 2 sets for each resident) and hand towels, a rug on which you can step with wet feet; sink, washing machine, dirty laundry basket, various hygiene products.

The living room has a large TV, which can be mounted on the wall or mounted on a cabinet, and a comfortable and roomy sofa. RAD Holiday Homes, together with partners, offers  design and furnishing services , offering packages in different price segments (from basic to ultra-premium, in which the design is formed according to individual requests). 

Unique Features and Benefits

When advertising your property, it is important to highlight its advantages. It is necessary to outline what technological solutions are used in it, as well as provide the characteristics of the housing.

Clients get more satisfying experience of their stay if the housing provided with:

  • swimming pools;

  • indoor gyms;

  • home cinemas.


Taking amenities to a new level is achieved by using a concierge service based on artificial intelligence, climate control, and a smart home automation system.


For successful short-term rental housing in Dubai, you need to choose the location in which the property will be rented, and adhere to basic design guidelines, namely, stylize the interior to suit the tenant's preferences, and, in accordance with local traditions, include modern elements and light shades, use the area to the maximum. To obtain the highest benefit, it is necessary: ​​the presence in the apartment of technologies that meet the most modern equipment requirements, and the arrangement of the bathroom, living room, and bedroom with all the necessary equipment and things.

You need to not just passively submit an ad and expect results, but also actively contribute to its appearance. You can independently try to promote offers on social networks, highlighting the features of the property among analogues offered by competitors; describe the unique features of real estate, use high-quality descriptions and photos, arrange special promotions, offers, discounts, but having previously issued all permits. Or you can put all this on the shoulders of a specialized agency, which is  RAD Holiday Homes , which will take care of all your worries so that your apartment generates a stable income from short-term rentals.

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